Cleanse – Day 1

Okay, so today didn’t start out as magnificently as I was hoping it would. I ate my last meal around 10 the night before, so I had to wait until 10:30 this morning to have my first shake. My mother and I had the “Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast” shake, found on page 28 of the Clean Program Meal Plan. She added hemp protein to hers, but it made the shake taste weird, so I didn’t add it. I probably should have, as I was starving a few hours later. We got some vanilla protein powder from Whole Foods today, and I’m going to add it to my shake tomorrow. Hopefully that will make the shake a bit more substantial.

For lunch, we had the vegetarian burrito featured on page 47 of the meal plan. My mother loved that recipe, but I found it sort of boring. I added some salt to make it more bearable, but it really needed some salsa, which you’re not allowed to have as part of the cleanse. I’m not really sure what the deal is with tomatoes and citrus fruits, but I know you’re not supposed to have them during the cleanse. I wasn’t satisfied with lunch, so I also had a little bit of pineapple and then made some kale chips.

For dinner, I had a large salad and a mug of cauliflower and garbanzo soup (page 69 of the meal plan). The soup was actually really filling, which was nice. The recipe that I’m most in love with, though, is found on page 76 of the meal plan. It’s called “Eva’s Raw Vegan Better than Ranch Dressing,” and it is the most amazing dressing I have ever had. It’s better than any ranch dressing I have ever had. We didn’t have herbamare, so my mother found a recipe online and made her own herb mix. It’s delicious. If anyone’s thinking of going vegan and/or wants a really tasty dressing to make, I highly recommend giving that one a try.



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