Recipe Review Rating Systems

One of the features of this blog is going to be my Recipe Reviews. These are where I review the recipes that I make. It is my hope that my journey to find delicious vegan food to make and enjoy will help other people make this journey for themselves. It seems like most people who review vegan recipes are already huge fans of vegan food and have already gotten used to eating this way. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from people who haven’t already acquired the taste for certain vegan foods…like tempeh or nutritional yeast.

I will be reviewing recipes based on four things: Ease of Finding Ingredients, Cheapness of Ingredients, Ease of Following the Recipe, and the Final Results. Recipes can receive up to five points per category for a total of twenty points.

Ease of Finding Ingredients
5 – All ingredients can be found at local grocery store.
4 – Most ingredients could be found at local grocery store, or could be substituted with ingredients from local grocery store.
3 – Several vital ingredients could only be found at specialty stores, or could be found cheaper at specialty stores.
2 – Many ingredients could only be found at specialty stores.
1 – Most/all ingredients could only be found at specialty stores.

Cheapness of Ingredients
5 – All ingredients were inexpensive.
4 – Most ingredients were inexpensive, with one or two items costing a lot of money.
3 – Several ingredients were expensive.
2 – Most ingredients were expensive.
1 – All ingredients were expensive.

Ease of Following Recipe
5 – Recipe was extremely easy to follow. An inexperienced cook would have no trouble following it.
4 – Recipe was easy to follow, though it might have had a lot of steps. An inexperienced cook would only have slight difficulty.
3 – Recipe contained several steps that an inexperienced cook might have trouble with.
2 – Recipe was somewhat difficult to follow. An inexperienced cook would have serious troubles.
1 – Recipe was incomplete or severely complicated. An inexperienced cook probably could not follow it.

Final Results
5 – This was amazing! A new favorite that I will make all the time.
4 – This was really good, and I will make it again.
3 – This was decent, and I will probably make it again.
2 – This wasn’t good, but I would probably try it once more before making my final opinion.
1 – I will not be making this again.

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