According to BMI charts, the most I should ever weigh is 168. I’ve decided that I don’t care so much about that number, though. Numbers are important for me because it’s the easiest measurement to keep track of. You just step on the scale, and you know how much you weigh. Much easier than digging out the measuring tape and trying to wrap it around your upper arm using only one hand or trying to guess if your jeans are getting looser or if you’ve just stretched them out too much.

I would love to see a lower number on the scale, but that number doesn’t determine my worth as a human being or my happiness. That’s why I’ve decided not to put dates along with these goals. In the past, I would try to motivate myself by figuring out how long it would take to reach a certain weight. Then I would just be disappointed and feel like a failure when the date came and I wasn’t as thin as I wanted to be. So this time, I’m just putting down multiple goals. I’ll mark down the date that I reach the goals, but I’m not going to guess when I’ll hit them. That hasn’t worked for me in the past, so I’m going to attempt a more positive view this time.

Weight Loss Goals
Goal 1 – 5% (15 pounds) lost – 289 reached April 14, 2013
Goal 2 – 10% (30 pounds)  lost – 273
Goal 3 – Lowest weight post-college – 261
Goal 4 – 50 pounds lost – 254
Goal 5 – College weight – 244
Goal 6 – 75 pounds lost – 229
Goal 7 – High school weight – 212
Goal 8 – 100 pounds lost – 204
Goal 9 – Onederland – 199
Goal 10 – Goal Weight – Driver’s license weight – 190

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