Progress Pictures

Every good weight loss blog needs pictures. I’m not crazy about the idea of having pictures of me where other people can see them, but I know I love looking at other people’s pictures, so I figured I should put some of me up, as well.

July 2012: 304 pounds, size 24W
Not entirely sure that’s how much I weighed when this picture was taken, but it was probably close to my starting weight, so I figured I would just go with it.
July 2012 - 304 pounds

May 2013: 284 pounds, size 22W
Okay, I probably don’t look much better than I did in the first picture, but I’m wearing a shirt and pants that I couldn’t have worn when the first picture was taken, and that makes me happy. The shirt is a unisex XL. I need to lose more weight before the shirt looks good, but the fact that I can put it on and not feel like I’m squeezed into it is a huge deal for me!
5.8.13 - 284 - size 22w (front)5.8.13 - 284 size 22w (side)

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